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Words (long good post)


Words are very very powerful!! I have realized that I tare myself down with words a lot! I wrote this is my journal about a week and a half ago to my self....

Tonight I realized something. I have been putting myself down. I have never hated who I am. I have never struggled with depression. I have always like myself. I have never looked in the mirror and started to beat my self down with hard words and lies. I have never slid my back down the wall crying and horrified and myself. But I found out I was beating myself down. Not with verbal words but with my inward thoughts.  I was telling myself... You will never be as good at running as your siblings. You will always do horrible at math. There will always be someone prettier than you. You will never be enough. The truth is... I never will be...
I never will be enough. I probably will never be as good at running as my sibling. I probably will never be that great at math. There will probably always be someone better that me. Pr…

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