Saturday, January 12, 2019


My friends came over that I only get to see like once every 2 or three years! We had an awesome time. We listened to music from all of our favorite musicals, did make overs (which didn't go so well), and stayed up later then we should have which gave me a headache the next day.

Abby and Lilly

All us girls. 

Okay so...   I did a makeover on Abby so she wanted to do one on me. So I am just sitting in a chair and before I realized it she was just coating my eyes with different colors of eyeshadow. Then she backs up after trying to "fix" it for the 2nd time and says, "Oh Abby what have you done?" After  seeing the look on her face, I raced to mirror to find this↑ (it looked five times worse in real life). I'm not quite sure what she was going for but I am giving credit to Sharon (Abby's older sister) for the green mark on my eyebrow. After seeing the eyeshadow, Sharon just stuck her finger in the green eyeshadow and rubbed it on my eyebrow to complete the makeover. So I had to go to the bathroom to remove the blue, purple, sparkles, and green form my eyes. Although it was crazy, it was a ton of fun! 

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

👢Changing My Blog Name

Hey everyone,
I want to change my blog name. But I don't know what to call it. I want it to sound musical and pretty... but yet kind of get the country side of me. I will change my blog design too. If you have any ideas please tell me. I just want something that kind of captures my personality. I would really like to hear your ideas! 

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

👢My Goals For 2019

Hey everyone! 
I am vary exited about 2019! Already it has been great! Even though it has just started! My sister just released her new blog at 12am. Right into the new year. So if you haven't got a chance to check it out here is the LINK!
So go and follow her new blog!

Well I have a few goals for this year. So I thought that I would share them with y 'all. 

1. Read my Bible and spend time with God at least 5 days a week
      You might be like "Only 5?" Well I am trying to take a step up. I want to get up to 7 days a week but I don't want to go from maybe 3 to 7 because that would be very hard for me to make that a habit. So please pray that I will be able to make it all year long 5 days a week reading my Bible and praying. 

2. Don't get on the computer n Sundays. 
This is one that I tried last year but didn't do very well. Getting on the computer and other gadgets can be a big distraction for me. And when I get on I am usually not doing something needed. I am usually doing unneeded blogging and checking my email. And also Sunday it not only meant to be a rest day but it is also meant to be a holy day. A day that is set apart for God. A day to learn more about God not a day to ketch up on your work. Not a day to go to a baseball game. It is a day for God. And I don't think it is much to ask for one day out of seven to be a holy day. So that is one of my goals not just to not get on the computer but to draw closer to got on Sundays. 

3.Eat healthier 
I really like food and most of it isn't very healthy. haha So one of my goals this year is to just make beater choices with food and no eat as much junk. Also to just have self control when I eat.

Well that is all the main things. So y 'all pray that I will be able to do these because this is going to be hard. I will do a blog post at the end of this year that will tell if I was able to do it. Thank you all for following my blog and reading this post! Pleas leave a comment and I will try to reply as soon as possible.


Monday, December 31, 2018

👢2019 Exiting News!

Hey everyone,
It's the end of 2018!! What???? I can't believe that! I remember when I was younger and being like "It is already 2013." Now it is going to be 2019!!!!! I am SO exited!!!!!!
Well I have some  BIG EXITING NEWS for y 'all!!!!!

My sister is going to have a blog again!! Lilly is coming back to the blogging world!!!!!!!!!!

She is going to launch it at midnight tonight. But she isn't doing the same live beautifully blog thing.
Now it is dignified girl!!! This is going to be so awesome!  All of y 'all that have been patiently waiting for her to come back are finally going to see the day when it happens!

So go follow her blog!

Here is the link: 

Friday, December 28, 2018

Monday, December 24, 2018

👢Baby/Christmas Eve

Hey everyone!
Marry Christmas Eve! I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas!!!!! Well... there is something that I have been meaning to tell y 'all but just haven't got around to telling y 'all. My mom is going to have a baby!! She is due in May! So baby number 8 is on the way!

I hope y 'all have a very Marry Christmas!!  


Tuesday, December 11, 2018

👢Cute/ Modest Outfit Number 4

Hi people,
Here is  cute/modest winter outfit thati wore for church. I just wanted to share with y'all! 

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

👢Sponsoring A Child

Hi followers,
Recently me and my sister started sponsoring a little girl through Compassion. This group came to are town and set a little tent and stuff were you can walk through and it tells you some testimonies of children that were sponsored. So me and my sister picked a young girl to sponsor she is just a little bit older than me. I have been saving some money in a jar for a while to sponsor a child. You can go to my sewing blog and hear more about that.

The girl that we are sponsoring
My siblings going through it. 

Me and my sister.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

👢100th Blog Post/Tag

Hey all,
This is my 100th Blog post!! So yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
To celebrate I am doing a tag!!  The tag is called:

Top 10 favorite blogs!

👢Link back to the person who started the tag.
👢Thank and link back to the person who tagged you.
👢Show the main picture above.
👢Tag at least 7 people if posable.
👢List you're top 10 favorite blogs and a link to them.
 👢 Include the rules! This is important because I have had tags where people don't put the rules and then the tag just crumbles after many people doing it with out the rules!!
👢Have fun!

I am not going to list them in order of favorites because that would be super hard. It was even hard picking 10 blogs because I like a lot of blogs. Here goes:

Sorry if I follow you and your blog isn't up there. I had to put a limit to how many I list. 

Now I tag: 

I hope you all can do this tag! 

Till next time,


Thursday, November 29, 2018


Hello people,
As I thought my blogging break didn't last long. Well today I wanted to ask all of y 'all what your favorite blogs are because I am always looking for new blogs to follow. So if you want to could you put in the comments your 3 favorite blogs or so! I think this will be fun to learn about new blogs!

Saturday, November 24, 2018

👢Blogging Break

Hey People,
I don't really feel like blogging right now so I am going to take a blogging break🙂. I don't know how long.😕 It might be for a while but then it might be for only a couple weeks🌞🌛🕥. I just am not in the mood for blogging☹. So goodbye blogging world until I return. 🐴🏃🎝🌸🐶

P.S. I am doing a giveaway when I hit 50 followers. I only have 33 so go and follow!!!!!!


My friends came over that I only get to see like once every 2 or three years! We had an awesome time. We listened to music from all of our f...